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Colonel Stan’s Secret Spice is a unique combination of spices and herbs blended to enhance the flavor of any meal. A secret family recipe, Colonel Stan’s Secret Spice was first developed more than 20 years ago in Saint Louis, Missouri for grilling chicken and pork. However, with expanded use beyond the grill, Colonel Stan’s Secret Spice became more versatile than originally intended and is now recognized as a flavor enhancer for many types of foods, including meats, fish, sauces, soups, salads, vegetables, eggs and casseroles. As further support, a fast growing number of area cooks, chefs and delis have made Colonel Stan’s Secret Spice their preferred seasoning and we are confident you will, too. Additionally, unlike other all-purpose seasonings, Colonel Stan’s Secret Spice is all natural. It contains no artificial flavors, gluten, oils, sugars, preservatives or additives. As a healthy alternative to most flavor enhancers, you will find yourself using Colonel Stan’s Secret Spice from meal preparation all the way to the dining table.

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