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How did our pickle addiction start? We were initially introduced to the pickles atop of a pulled pork sandwich.  Our team at R Butts R Smokin BBQ had been developing the pickles as a possible companion product for their award winning rubs but had decided to concentrate on rubs instead.

We tweaked the recipe and started making the pickles in our kitchen for friends and family.  They became so popular (aka addicting) that we simply had to move production out of the kitchen.  Or as cousin Bryan would say, the hobby got out of hand.  With the help and encouragement of friends and family, we went into business.

These little pickles may become habit forming.  They are very sweet dill chip pickles with just the right amount of heat.  Perfect on any type of sandwich but especially on top of bbq!  We have many customers who simply eat them straight from the jar.

Don’t feel bad if you eat the whole jar.  It’s ok.  We can make more!

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