Happy Belated New Year!! 

After more than 14 years, Missouri Mercantile has closed it’s storefront. Folks have asked why? The short answer is that as wonderful as Main St. St. Charles is, It’s extremely slow from Jan. through most of May. We were feeling like we were constantly playing catch up and not ever really getting there. It seemed like there was constant stress about paying bills on time. So, we’ve closed but we are keeping the internet store in place. If you are local, I want to be able to get product to you in an economical fashion. At this time we will keep our flat fee of 11 dollars for shipping. Hopefully, our former store customers will find it reasonable enough to order on line. If you are in my vicinity, I’d like to work out a drop off plan. So, moving forward, please visit our updated web site to purchase the fine Missouri products that we carry.

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